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Cross over to the bright side.

Who and what is The Crossing

The Crossing's primary purpose is people mobilizing people to accomplish God-size things with their life.

Our mission is creating and sustaining a culture of developing and deploying disciple-making disciples who plant smaller-simpler church venues in every place possible where lostness and darkness exists.
Our goal is to give away as many people as we can who will plant the gospel of Jesus wherever they live, work and play.

-The Crossing is an autonomous church ungoverned by any outside agency with the Bible as its core operating manual.
-The Crossing affiliates and cooperates with the Baptist Convention of MD-Delaware.
-The Crossing is also connected to The Cause- a relational collective of pastors-churches-non profits and businesses who work together to birth …
-The Crossing uses a pastor led model of church leadership. It has a team of pastors, business people and others who help lead our forward progress and provide the wisdom and spiritual direction needed for this movement.

About Us

Life is best lived in “community with others” rather than “in church.

Missions Opportunity

Explore ways we could bring U.S. missions closer to your church family.

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