The Crossing Distinctness

  • Gathering Core Values
  • Genuine spirituality
  • A culture of transparency, spiritual engagement and friendship
  • Smaller, simpler church venues for meeting new friends and spiritual formation
  • Community engagement-making a difference in our neighborhoods
  • Multi-generational and multi-cultural in nature
  • Geared to engage spirituality as a practical lifestyle for everyone to experience God


Location: 512 Aqueduct Ave Martinsburg WV 25404
Contact: 304-283-9480
Date/Time: Sunday 5pm
Leader: Ron Larson

Location: Panera Bread Ranson WV
Date/Time: Thursday 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Leader: Ron Larson

Location: FBC Delaware 901 East Basin RD New Castle
Date/Time: Wednesday 6:30pm – 7:45pm
*leading-child care provided/teen group at same time
Leader: Ron Larson

Location: FBC Delaware 901 East Basin RD New Castle
Date/Time: Sundays 10am – 11am
*Geared to young adults ages 25-38
Leader: Ron Larson

Location: 902 West King St Martinsburg WV
Contact: 304-283-9480
Date/Time: Tuesdays 5:30-6:30pm
Leader: Ron Larson


Severn MD
Laurel MD
Ellicott City MD
Hedgesville WV
Edgewood-Abington MD
Inwood WV
Upper Marlboro MD
Charlestown WV

Gatherings: What to expect

To avoid spiritual boredom one must be intimately and regularly involved in the mission of God rather than simply being ministered to. Otherwise you become like the bears in a state park-tourists feed them and soon they can’t fend for themselves.RL
You were made to experience much more than soaking up more information in a church on a Sunday. In fact, a lot of people are spiritually bored because their concept of being spiritual is merely sitting on Sunday through a sermon!

But you don’t become spiritually mature watching someone else eat their own food.

What if God intended Christianity to be an adventure?

What if instead of watching another Sunday show you could ask questions, even give some input if youdesire.

What if church could be more about spiritual development and less about religious programs?

What if you could enjoy church in smaller, simpler, less complex formats that made spiritual sense for your entire week?

“Gatherings” are new church venues currently located in the Eastern Panhandle of WV and in the Columbia-Severn region of MD for people who enjoy church in a simpler, smaller format.

Biblically based, practical teaching, a focus on meaningful, genuine relationships combined with opportunities to do something significant with your life through engaging needs in the community are the foundation of these new gatherings.

At each Gathering you will experience helpful teaching from the Bible, prayer, connection with new friends, community engagement-everything you do in a regular church, but in a smaller venue with far more simplicity.

Gatherings are designed for people of all ages, races and backgrounds to explore the Bible together, gain spiritual perspective for daily living and make friends with others in a relaxed environment conducive to relationships.

Gatherings meet in alternative locations other than a church building and at times other than Sunday mornings: homes, rec centers, community rooms, etc.