Coaching and Church Consulting

Coaching and Church Consulting

I have long said that before I die I want to see something similar to the Book of Acts take place once again. I am a lot closer to that “transition” to heaven than when I first started saying this:) and it is my hope and prayer that we are much closer to experiencing the glory of God and the power of His Spirit at work in our generation.

I just want to see a lot of lost people come to Jesus- Acts size numbers!

I want to watch bold believers sharing their faith without hesitation-Acts style!

This has been burning in my soul since last fall. And this summer by faith I left my secure job at NAMB and launched out to birth ifresh!- a coaching and consulting momentum focused resource for both pastors personally and for churches passionately.

I am giving the next decade of my life to the local church-any size-any shape-every style. I have rode the waves of incredible, Kingdom size growth as a pastor and the tsunamis of turmoil that come when congregations get off track.

I love pastors. I still believe in the church. I don’t think we are winding down to a catastrophe. I believe we are gearing up for the last mighty move of the Lord before Christ returns, whether that is this year or in 100 years. But I have hope and trust that Jesus wants His bride growing, going and becoming greater in Kingdom impact before the Father sends Him to take His people home.

Would you like to experience a refreshing time in the Lord, that lasts?

Would you like to see many times more people come to Jesus this year than last?

Would it be of help to you to learn how to birth a disciple making-leadership pipeline in your church?

Would it be of benefit for me to help you create a vibrant personal evangelism culture in your church that is sustainable and lay driven?

Would it excite you to have “growth problems” rather than “program issues” in your church family?

I would like to help.

I am not offering this as a detached expert. Nor am I doing this as one who hasn’t seen it happen and experienced it over and over again. I am offering help from someone who is now on the front lines of being a pastor/church planter.

I am planting my third church right now between DC and Baltimore.

I have led churches of over a thousand birthed from a handful of faithful disciples.

I am now and have been a pastor for over 30 years.

I know what you go through serving the Lord and if I can be of help to you and to your church, I would love to do so.

I offer consulting/coaching in:

Creating an evangelism culture in your church-moving from 2% to 50% of your people engaging personally

Moving past and climbing over growth barriers- getting unstuck from your present size

Building a disciples who make disciples-leadership pipeline in your congregation- how to multiply the number of leaders in your church this year

Multiplying new groups- expanding the base and influence of your small group system

Season of Refreshing- a Sunday-Tuesday deep spiritual experience for your church family to renew passion and purpose in the things of God

Creating outreach posts in every neighborhood in your target area to engage lostness (new micro church emerging trend)

Marriage Matters- a weekend of fun, laughter and creative interactive teaching for couples

Personal coaching for the Lead Pastor as a bonus to the above

Contact me if interested. I would enjoy working with you to help in any way needed.
My hopes and prayers are with you!