iFresh! A Mid Atlantic Missionary Initiative

“Marshalling the gifts, skills, wisdom and talents of others to a seriously cool cause with joy.”

Come and See God at Work in Baltimore

Please take a minute and read Pastor Cody’s email to me below. Then, come to the Baltimore-DC Corridor for a one day “missional opportunity tour” and meet SBC church planters on the front lines of missions in the Mid-Atlantic.

Tour Fort McHenry– the site where our national anthem was written.

Experience God at work in people from those being reached by our missionaries here.

Hear the good that God is doing among such deep darkness in an area that is 90% spiritually lost and where evangelicals make up just 2.2% of the resident population.

The Baltimore-DC Corridor is the most strategic region in our country these days due to its influence on our nation both politically and economically.

Most of all, come. We will cover you/one other persons hotel for the night and meals during the tour as well as transportation during the tour. All you have to do is get here.

Missional Opportunity Tours run 9-4 at a date of your choice (any day but a Saturday).
Just pick a date and let us know and we will set you up. It will be the experience of a lifetime seeing what God is doin g in our very own country.
Thank you – Ron Larson

Story of a pastor who came on a one day mission opportunity tour

“Our church for some time had been praying about partnering with a church planter. I had never been on a vision tour before. I met with Ron Larson and was interested in coming to Baltimore for the tour. The vision tour allowed us to see church planters face to face. The most beautiful aspect of the tour is to hear the heart of the church planters. The Holy Spirit of God definitely moved throughout the tour to show us the church planters with whom we needed to partner. I feel that the tour really helped us to understand how to start the partnership and what we can bring to the table in order to help church planters reach the city with the gospel.” – Cody Warren, Pastor

Ifresh! workshops held onsite at your church-available now:
*Creating sustainable momentum in personal evangelism-ZUME I-​this is the most popular workshop we do in local churches and associations. It helps birth, restore or increase an outreach-evangelism  culture by mobilizing members to live as missionaries where they live, work and play. Thousands have been trained in ZUME resulting in Kingdom expansion and church growth that lasts long after the workshop concludes.

*ifresh! Prayer Experience: A one day interactive dive into the depths of intimacy with God via prayer. Out of the overflow, people who attend this workshop are stepping up to serve, share their faith, engage lostness and walk in purity and power through the Holy Spirit

*Birthing a disciple making pipeline in and through your church that reaches your neighborhoods-this new workshop equips your people in accomplishing missional ministry where they live-outside the walls of the church-in places where we are using this, people are coming to Christ, others are coming to groups and along relational lines new people are showing up in church 

*Marriage Matters a weekend marriage experience that will refresh new and long-term relationships as well as reach new couples for your church. Using the Bible as the foundational manual, lots of practical applications, humor and interactive times as couples, Marriage Matters will renew the passion, power and persistence of going the distance in relationships that honor God.

*ZUME II how to develop and deploy people to be missionaries where they live, work and play-practical tools for people to use in making disciples from their relational network who also make disciples who make disciples…Multiplication of new believers, new disciples, new leaders, new groups. 

*ifresh! Spiritual Renewal I and II- WE offer two options: a one day Sunday am and pm OR a three day Sun am-Tues night Experience. These times together bring powerful messages designed to stir up fresh surrender to the Lord, refuel your people for community engagement and deepen peoples connection to Christ. They are part revival-part personal renewal. All over the country God has been using ifresh! Experiences to awaken churches to the power of God’s Spirit and to advancing His Kingdom. 

*Increasing and expanding your small group ministry-proven, practical actions you can use to greatly accelerate multiplication in and through your small groups.

If you would like to explore hosting one or more of these onsite at your church shoot me a call or email. Would love to hear from you!

The Why behind iFresh!

Our why is: too many spiritually lost people are headed to hell on our watch and the local church is still the best way to impact lostness. We can’t piddle around any longer. We need missionaries on the front lines of our communities planting outreach posts, sharing their Christ story, birthing new churches and multi-sites and revitalizing declining churches.
We also need creative ways of reaching the 60% of America who will not attend a conventional or contemporary church.
This is what ifresh! does-it supports the birthing of conventional plants, but also provides resources/training for outreach-focused gatherings/creative church sites that are low cost, far more simple and led primarily by lay pastors and-or bi-vocational planters (we are working with full-time planters as well but our primary focus is on helping a church develop and deploy a leadership pipeline within their own church).

The Who of iFresh!

iFresh! is catalyzed by Ron Larson who has over 30 years experience in church planting. He has helped birth not only a megachurch in the Mid-Atlantic as founding pastor but also launched several other churches over the last three decades.
He transitioned from NAMB (North American Mission Board) one of the countries largest church planting groups in June of 2017 in order to plant The Crossing Church and launch iFresh!
A team of mature pastors serves as a wisdom group for implementing iFresh! initiatives.

    iFresh! focuses on:

    • Supporting international church planters in the Mid-Atlantic-DC-Baltimore Corridor
    • Resourcing inner city church planters planting in challenging neighborhoods
    • Assisting under-resourced metro church planters planting in pockets of high density lostness

    All of this is accomplished by:

    • Pastors mentoring pastors (iron sharpening iron)
    • Partnership connections made between churches who adopt a church plant as a missional focus
    • Genuine friendships- a body of planters loving one another and walking the journey with each other as brothers
    • Helping people in your church get on the front lines of missions for a day, a weekend or a week at little cost

The Where of iFresh!and your next step to exploring partnering with a church planting family

Every neighborhood needs the presence and power of heaven.
Each apartment complex, townhouse complex, gated community, section 8 housing unit needs to experience the peace and joy possible in a personal relationship with God.

iFresh! is a missional connecting pipeline designed to unite churches with church plants in partnership in the most strategic region of our country-the DC-Baltimore Corridor

Bottom line:

iFresh! helps to connect your church or you as an individual to a church planting family for adoption as a missional partner.

The How

For more information on how your church or you as an individual can adopt one of our 12 church planters families contact:

NOTE: Join us for half a day (10 am- 3 pm) for a Mission Opportunity Tour. Meet onsite church planting families. Tour the city. Experience some great food. And explore adopting one of the missionaries you meet. Contact us for the next dates(s) available

The What of iFresh!

iFresh! is a relationally based, missionally-driven, spirit-led, gospel focused and biblically based initiative to massively engage lostness though personal evangelism, disciple-making, leadership development and deployment and intentional church planting/church multiplication in the Mid-Atlantic, particularly the Baltimore/DC Corridor.
iFresh! is a resource well birthed out of the local church and grassroots driven by churches to fuel a multiplication movement of evangelism, church planting, church revitalization and lay leader development and deployment in the Mid-Atlantic where 85-90% of the people are spiritually disengaged from Christ/His Church.

iFresh! has three main focuses:

  • First:

    iFresh! works to help connect potential partner churches and individuals to under-resourced church plants

    • iFresh! intentionally targets and primarily (though not necessarily exclusively ) concentrates connecting church partnership support to international church planters and those serving the urban poor-two groups currently under-resourced by most church planting organizations/denominations.
      Most planters do not have large networks to draw from for possible partners. Most international planters struggle immensely to get partners
    • iFresh! is simply another well to help planters, particularly in the area of financial security through partnership connections -their most critical need and most worrisome issue among the wives of planters.
    • iFresh! connects a church of any size/budget to a church planter family for prayer-relationship-partnership and if desired onsite participation missionally.
    • iFresh! seeks to fill the gap in funding between what a denomination provides (usually about 10-15% of needed salary-housing-health insurance package) and what the planter family working in difficult communities need to live on as a missionary.
      In many of these church plants, especially in poor neighborhoods or in highly mobile international plants in the Mid-Atlantic the average offering is less than 100 dollars weekly. Thus, most ifresh! resourced church plants will never be self-sufficient or may need a longer runaway than the 3-5 year timeline many denominations desire in order for them to become self-sufficient.
    • iFresh! is simply a much needed additional well of support along with a planters denominational funding stream for these type of plants. It is cooperative with denominational sources and the plants it supports give to denominational funding streams.
  • Second:

    iFresh! utilizes innovative and unconventional approaches to engaging and impacting lostness i.e. microsites, churches designed to reach DONES and NONES with creative scheduling-simple church formats, missional house churches, imbedding existing churches with a significant evangelism culture, all these and more used to ignite an evangelism movement fueled by the Spirit of God.

  • Third:

    iFresh! offers expanded opportunities for newly arrived and those soon to arrive planters to incubate in actual church plants being formed as they start.

    • This places planters in a ‘teaching hospital” model i.e. John Hopkins where they “learn and immediately do” for skill development. This approach to developing and deploying planters coupled with what existing churches can add to training is a much more practical way of developing a church planter. They receive the benefit of wisdom from an existing church internship/denominational sources as well as the hands on equipping as an apprentice of working within a newly forming church plant before they ever plant their own church.
    • iFresh! is streamlined, simple, with low overhead and fuels evangelism/church planting with maximum impact.