Our Story

The Crossing emerged from a both a deep desire and a developing dissatisfaction.

The desire is to see people truly in love with God and living a life of spiritual and relational significance.

The dissatisfaction was this isn’t happening in very many churches.

We talked to hundreds of people about why they didn’t connect with church or talk to God very often.

People shared that they were looking for something simpler, smaller and spiritually focused. They wanted help living life. They yearned for practical insights into family life, making good decisions and gaining perspective on how to sustain good relationships. They were emphatic on their desire to connect to a group with much less emphasis on denominational politics, buildings and complex programs.

The Crossing was born out of what we learned and what the Bible says genuine spirituality is and does.

Today, The Crossing meets in multiple locations of medium size groups of people of all ages, races and spiritual backgrounds (many with no initial spiritual heritage). Some congregations meet on the weekend, others during the week.

Each is tied together as one family meeting in many places. This network of people intentionally connect as friends making new friends while impacting the needs of their community with love and compassion that makes a difference.

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