The Cause

The Cause

The Cause is a working collection of what some have labeled “micro-churches”-simpler, smaller church venues geared to engaging lostness, providing a highly relational environment for participants, offering church with much less programming and with far less cost.

The Cause has two purposes: saturation of a community with the gospel and multiplication of new believers, new disciples, new leaders, new groups and for some-new churches.

Purpose: Expanding God’s Kingdom through personal evangelism and growing the church through disciples making disciples

We desire to place the gospel in every nook and cranny of our community using Zume ( a lay led-lay-sustained disciple-making personal evangelism strategy) and micro churches-smaller-simpler venues placed in neighborhoods and communities doing what a New Testament Church does by with simplicity and a multiplication mindset.

  1. Equipping every person in how to share their Christ story and holding them accountable for doing so- deploying every layperson into the harvest to share Christ with people in their oikos filled with the Holy Spirit for boldness
  2. Tying into a local school missionally and relationally (who are the HUBS of most communities). This builds community awareness and relational connections and gives church plants a missional focus.
  3. Using a new approach with targeted direct mail to specific homes over a 4-5 month period which link people to a video of people sharing their Christ story whom they will meet at Gatherings
  4. Starting micro churches (Gatherings) in and around a school district which multiply every 6-12 months as an apprentice(s) is in each gathering for one purpose- to launch a new church out of that Gathering within a year
  5. All Gatherings in an area coming together in a Celebration with worship-word for inspiration-motivation-exhortation and creating movement and momentum.

The reason: 90% of the effort of most churches and even many church plants goes to reaching the 40% of the market which might be open to attending a church at some time or who already attend a church.
The Gathering model goes after the 60% who say they will not go to a conventional or contemporary church on Sunday morning.
Thus, we are choosing to focus on a niche not being reached by most other churches. We are geared to not only reach lost people but also to incorporate them into a church. The key is most will “belong before they believe.”
What grieves many of us is to hear of churches saying they saw 50, 75, 100 salvations in a year but only incorporated a handful of those into church.
It also hurts to read that 30% of SBC churches baptized no one last year and 80% baptized less than 20.
The Cause is a relational collection of churches who have or want to implement a genuine multiplication operational process building a church from the harvest rather than from other churches.

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